little steps

No, uni still isn’t here yet. I think I’m just about one-third into the whole life-transitioning, moving from secondary school (high school) to university thing. In two months, everything will be different – I’ll be about to start school again but this time in a new country (hopefully!) and knowing absolutely no one at all, … More little steps

still in pieces

It’s almost been a day since I got back from Korea and I’m still in ruins. I felt the tears coming as it ended when I was waiting at the baggage reclaim but I never thought it would hurt this bad. I broke down on the way home, at home, and again. I’m not exactly … More still in pieces

grad trip firsts

My grad trip just ended and it still doesn’t really feel real. The trip itself doesn’t feel real. Going off with friends to a foreign country and doing our own touristy thing for 9 ish days… it felt more like a typical day together – just a group rambunctious kids being loud and messy, only not … More grad trip firsts

what I learnt in the two years of IB

Just kidding! It’s what I learnt in the past two months or so of hardcore revision of my subjects. Chinese don’t fuck your sibling [thunderstorm/ 雷雨] always back up your points with solid evidence when analysing, always link your paragraphs back the the main question Econs economic development is the development of economics [thanks kevin] … More what I learnt in the two years of IB