normal is weird

i. my mom has two sisters. growing up, we called one of her brother-in-laws with the style ‘uncle [surname]’ and the other ‘uncle [first name]’. on the flip side, both aunt’s kids (my cousins) would call my dad ‘uncle [first name]’. why is this weird? first of all, we’re chinese. but we address each other … More normal is weird

ready or not

Hello people! [不ηŸ₯不觉, because I don’t have an accurate translated word in English] we have unknowingly lapsed into my last full week in Hong Kong. In about 10 days, I’ll be Singapore-bound!! I accepted the offer from my university only two days ago, but in those two days, I’ve read up on how to matriculate, … More ready or not

first-half-of-2017 feels dump // this isn’t goodbye

Ok, here we are. It’s June 30th and that means we’re on the last day belonging to the first half of the year. I can’t believe 2017’s passed by so quickly. Like… time is just passing by so quickly it doesn’t feel like anything. I barely remember starting IB, I barely remember all the struggles … More first-half-of-2017 feels dump // this isn’t goodbye