pms is a bitch

i. doesn’t make it any less real a week ago, i barely felt anything except the strong urge to sleep, all the time, as a means of escaping reality. and then i didn’t even want to sleep anymore, because i’d spiral off into a deep abyss of Bad Thoughts about how life was just one … More pms is a bitch

ties that bind

I had the honour of being a part of my school’s 25th anniversary celebration today, even though it was a really insignificant role (I was someone you’d glance over and never think about again), I really enjoyed it. In the sense that this was better than not being involved at all. Despite all the smack … More ties that bind

it snot (it’s not)

A few weeks ago I realised that ‘it isn’t’ and ‘it’s not’ are pretty much the same thing. Before you say that they’re not, joke’s on you, ‘they’re not’ and ‘they aren’t’ are the same, too. This realisation partially stems from noticing that my friends use it differently – in some cases where I use … More it snot (it’s not)