the soft ambience of post-post-IB

there’s something wonderfully calming about the rain. i wouldn’t have said this two weeks ago, when it was pouring buckets, but the slow cascade of rain outside finally matches the mood inside.

ib is over. it’s over-over. results are out and i’m pleased with both how i did and how most of our grade did and how the rain’s softly washing everything it touches. there’s no ominous flash of lightning, no booming sound of thunder. it’s raining quietly, wistfully, almost like a last salute to the tears and sweat we poured into all our work. the stress and anxiety over our results melts away and i’m left with half of the person i was before everything started, and the other half of what this has all shaped me to become.

it’s clear afterwards, with a slight tint of electric blue and grey clouds hanging above the city. it’s the same view every day, only minute changes like the spread of sky, the twinkles of light and the mood of it all. and today’s whispers: to new beginnings.


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