little steps

No, uni still isn’t here yet. I think I’m just about one-third into the whole life-transitioning, moving from secondary school (high school) to university thing.

In two months, everything will be different – I’ll be about to start school again but this time in a new country (hopefully!) and knowing absolutely no one at all, I’ll be on my own and not seeing my parents every night (if all goes well!!), and my friends will be 10 timezones away… It all sounds fucking terrifying, compared to the comfort that I have now.

But it helps that everything is staggered. Nothing happens all at once; all of my friends won’t be leaving on the same day as my parents sending me off (again, if I’m lucky!!!). The period of time between each “last thing ever” means I’ll have time to adjust slowly to a new, changing life. To be honest, all of it happened so gradually that it feels like nothing’s really changed – the last day of school, the last time going on study dates, our last lunches together, the last time seeing some of our friends… Without knowing it, we’ve already gone through so many lasts in this chapter of our life.

So here’s to my parents for the last 17 years under the same roof, here’s to more than ten years of starting school together, and here’s to everyone who’re (hhahahhaha) still struggling to cope with this part of your life ending. Here’s to an eventful new chapter of life, wherever and whatever it may be. :)


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