still in pieces

It’s almost been a day since I got back from Korea and I’m still in ruins. I felt the tears coming as it ended when I was waiting at the baggage reclaim but I never thought it would hurt this bad. I broke down on the way home, at home, and again.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m so upset – maybe it’s knowing that everything is over, that the next big thing (graduation!!) will be the saddest event in all of my school life, that I’m back to my normal life in this hot and damp weather, that I can’t go back.

It was so nice spending so much time together with my friends and my boyfriend and waking up to them and going to sleep with them. Everyone in both trips have been so good to me, the food has been so good, and again, the company. In the quiet moments right now, when I have nothing to do but think, I start missing the last two weeks really hard, so the only thing I can do is to busy myself with TV shows and sorting through my photos and recounting the best moments of the trip. And slowly just going back to normal life again.

I can’t believe life is all about moving on, and it just goes on like that.


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