grad trip firsts

My grad trip just ended and it still doesn’t really feel real. The trip itself doesn’t feel real. Going off with friends to a foreign country and doing our own touristy thing for 9 ish days… it felt more like a typical day together – just a group rambunctious kids being loud and messy, only not in our usual country. The thought that this is one of the last times we’ll be together doesn’t ever sink in when we’re laughing at and with each other.

Going to new places aside, there were a lot of other firsts, like:

  • trip with only my friends
  • watching my friends squirt soap to clean up cockroach goo
  • visiting a shrine (at least I don’t remember ever doing it) 
  • eating a gyoza dog/ shrimp bun/ potato churro/ tipo torta/ quesadilla (disneysea food is great)
  • trying standing sushi
  • eating soda flavoured ice cream 
  • eating fish skewer (specifically, marlin, which tastes like chicken but softer)
  • going to the beach in japan
  • washing money (literal 洗錢)
  • eating ochazuke!! 
  • eating a salty crepe
  • going around tokyo alone 
  • printing a postcard with my face on it
  • riding a swan boat 
  • eating tororo (grated yam)
  • talking to the stranger sitting next to me on the plane 
  • making small talk in Japanese
  • buying less souvenirs because the most important thing is the memories I make (and my scrapbook with all the station stamps and bits and scraps from the day



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