it’s a small world

I had my last flute lesson on Monday, and before saying goodbye for the last time, my teacher gave me his number. I saved it in my phone as ‘flute teacher lol’ and left it as it was (in my defence, my default keyboard is in English and I wasn’t bothered to switch it to Chinese) until it occurred to me that I should use it to find his Facebook.

There’s only that much you can know about someone from spending nine months with them (it was only once a week, 45 minutes each week). It took me two weeks to find out that he also played the saxophone. It took me two months to find out that he played volleyball as well. I couldn’t believe it – someone who plays the flute, and volleyball?? Because hey, that’s me!

So I guess it shouldn’t have came as a surprise when I put his number in the search bar, clicked his profile, and found that he was friends with my volleyball coach. But it did. I was surprised. I spent half my bus ride home thinking about how amazingly small this world was, and how so many people I know probably know each other as well, and I have absolutely no idea.

Case in point: I took my flute exam yesterday. I was so nervous and jittery that I barely noticed when my accompaniment teacher came. But when I finally looked up, I saw that he and my mom were still just looking at each other, the formalities expected from strangers missing from the silence between them.

Yeah, turns out they weren’t strangers.

Turns out my accompaniment teacher was also my sister’s music theory teacher. If I wasn’t so busy having a semi, silent breakdown over the impending exam, I would’ve been having a semi, not-so-silent breakdown over how everyone seemed to know each other.

The whole thing was so strange and coincidental in a way, because I had picked up my sister from her class, but just never saw her teacher’s face. And my teacher just never really placed the slight resemblance until the connection was made for him.

Life is so weirdly full of almost-meetings and puzzle pieces laid out for you, but you just never realise they fit until you see it was never about you in the first place. I guess with all the activities we do, classes we take and hobbies we pursue, we end up meeting a lot of people, and we forget that these people also do a lot of other stuff that leads to them meeting the same people we do, that we don’t exclusively know anyone, ever. After all, the world is only that big, and if I’ve learnt anything from the past few days, it actually isn’t very.




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