what I learnt in the two years of IB

Just kidding! It’s what I learnt in the past two months or so of hardcore revision of my subjects.


  • don’t fuck your sibling [thunderstorm/ 雷雨]
  • always back up your points with solid evidence
  • when analysing, always link your paragraphs back the the main question


  • economic development is the development of economics [thanks kevin]
  • more economically developed countries just want to fuck less economically developed countries over
  • poverty is a cause of poverty


  • good structure and a plan is everything! can’t believe I used to ignore a plan and go straight into writing
  • sex leads to death [a streetcar named desire]
  • sometimes you don’t and you won’t ever get answers or closure, but that’s life [death and the maiden]


  • if you write outside the box it won’t be marked
  • Lewis ACids are electron pair ACceptors
  • yttrium-90 emits beta radiation


  • cos^2(x) = cos(2x)+1/2
  • die die also gotta get 7
  • a good teacher is so important…


  • free body diagrams. so important you get these right.
  • Greek
  • no, seriously, a good teacher is so important

In general

  • just because you CAN (start and) finish the assignment the night before it’s due doesn’t mean you SHOULD
  • writing notes for subjects, especially the important points, really helped
  • gotta keep writing occasionally so you don’t forget how to hold a pen and spell (my friend kept accidentally adding extra ‘e’s after words (think develope instead of develop) while I kept misspelling them on paper (think ist instead of its))
  • nothing’s worth risking your health

Being done with two years of IB and four weeks of straight revision feels SO good.


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