one-third through the year

It’s going to be May tomorrow!! I have so many mixed feelings about this.

For one, it’s the start of IB exams… I really can’t believe the end (by that I mean the death of me because of exams, and the end of exams) is so close. We’ve been joking about how shitty IB is (it’s not THAT bad, but complaining about it makes it more bearable; the end of the first year/ start of the second year was honestly way worse than it is now) and it’s finally coming to a close. Call me crazy but I feel like I’m going to miss joking about how much IB wants to screw us over by making us think on the spot, under pressure, during the exams. It’s just three more weeks and I’ll be done with solid, general blocks of subjects like languages and economics. Just three more weeks of semi-regular school before we never really come back… At this point, I’m honestly more excited than sad and nostalgic.

Lately, I’ve just been busy revising all the stuff we were meant to have learnt over the past two years. Not gonna lie, I learnt more reading an online analysis of A Streetcar Named Desire in two hours than I did throughout the classes we supposedly spent on this play. Also, my math teacher specifically told us not to do any past papers after May 1st (our math exams are on May 4th) so I’m cramming all the papers I can into today. It’s pretty fun(ny).

Mmm I guess we’re halfway through spring now? The sunsets are becoming nicer (check out the featured photo!! The quality is GREAT) but the weather is still malfunctioning, going from sweltering to mildly breezy to thunderstorms, which is making my nose act up.

I’m meant to go back to revision so I’ll just end by going back to the main point which is that I can’t believe time is passing so quickly?? It feels like not that long ago when it was bitterly cold (as much as it gets in Hong Kong at least) and we were so excited 2016 was ending and not that long ago when it was the school’s 25th anniversary celebration and I lost my earphones and not that long ago when the school was deserted and we were the only ones coming back in the damp weather and not that long ago when we were so excited to be rebelling against the school and “higher authorities” by organising our own themes for spirit week and coming to school in embarrassing pyjamas. At the same time, the memories feel like they’re from lifetimes ago and like my friend was saying to me, time is passing really weirdly. In literally no times’ time, we’ll be done with our exams and have gone to our grad trips and have graduated. Eep.

(also i just looked through my blog and was like ‘why are there so many posts with just a nice picture and so many words’ and then i realised this is a writing blog. i’m short circuiting from all this studying :/)



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