it snot (it’s not)

A few weeks ago I realised that ‘it isn’t’ and ‘it’s not’ are pretty much the same thing.

Before you say that they’re not, joke’s on you, ‘they’re not’ and ‘they aren’t’ are the same, too.

This realisation partially stems from noticing that my friends use it differently – in some cases where I use ‘it’s not’, they’ll use ‘it isn’t’, and vice versa. The other partial reason was because I was revising for exams and in-depth analysing speech. I found it (the realisation, not the revision) pretty interesting, because the version we use also depends on the emphasis that we want.

Speaking of contractions, this brings me to my next short (language-related) anecdote, in light of not blogging as often as I used to – the last year of high school is busy as hell.

So I’m applying to universities now, as one does in their last year of high school, and I’ve just submitted all my applications last Friday. (cheers!!) One thing ticked me off a LOT more than it should have – the fact that in some application portals, things like “I’m” count as two words. Which is understandable, of course, because “I’m” expands to “I am”. Except this isn’t the only bit where the apostrophe counts as two words. This part made me super fucking livid, probably because I was struggling to cut words to begin with: the possessive ‘s’s counted as two words, too, i.e. “my school’s” essentially counted as three words. What. The hell? Suddenly it made so much sense why their word count was different from the one displayed on my word document. I was really angry because this part was completely unreasonable, and it didn’t help it was late at night and I was stressing out over the internal deadline – I was so close, and at the same time, so far.

But I’m over that now. I’m done with university applications, so it’s time to move on to the next thing on my to do list, which is… completing the last of my coursework, before starting revision for final exams in May. Woohoo.


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