With Christmas right around the corner, and presumably gifts being exchanged everywhere, let me just sing my praises about my favourite part of the holiday: cards with a handwritten message in them. There’s something strangely magical about handwritten letters and cards, or anything that’s handwritten in general (except homework.)

For one, your handwriting is, in some way, a part of your identity – it’s unique and varies from person to person. Growing up, I loved reading the words my parents wrote – the scratchy cursive that was my mom’s, and the blocky chunks of capital letters that was my dad’s. I really don’t mind messy handwriting; in fact, the messier, the better. If I wanted something neat and easily eligible, I’d have gone straight for digital fonts, which are way more impersonal and kind of insincere. By giving something handwritten, you’re giving something that’s yours, except at the same time, not really. And hey, not to mention, you’re also giving away some of your thoughts, in a sense, if you’ve written something heartfelt.

Secondly, handwritten things take time, effort and energy. Typing is a lot easier and faster, and a lot cleaner, too – you can backtrack your mistakes, misspellings, wrong words and make it as if you did it right the first time. It’s processed to the point it feels fake and mechanical/ thoughtless. After all, none of us are perfect, so why should we appear to be on paper, too?

Third, you get to see their mistakes. Whatever’s crossed out and correction taped over show signs of thought and effort – they actually went back to correct their message. Plus, you might even see their train of thought when they were writing this. Sure beats whatever spellcheck and autocorrect has to offer.

Unless your heart’s made of stone or you have more materialistic desires/ standards for gifts (like maybe you actually want something useful this year, which I don’t blame you for – I do, too, and handwritten cards can be a little ‘meh’ in that case), I’m pretty sure you’d appreciate a handwritten card/ letter! (… In hindsight, this might be the reason why I think a handwritten (homemade!) card passes off as an adequate gift for some occasions, and keep writing cards for everyone… Oops.)


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