kind food reminders

1. garlic salt doesn’t substitute for garlic
in fact, it’ll just make the food more salty, with no hints of garlic at all.

2. warm cookies & cold milk are to die for
but don’t use the high calcium, low fat milk – it just tastes like water. nothing substitutes the thick, creamy taste of milk, combined with warm, gooey cookies right out of the oven. don’t be stingy, especially when it comes to the most simple, well-loved dessert of milk and cookies. if you want to splurge, go all the way.

3. coffee does not substitute sleep
this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, and neither will it be the last. in this fast-moving world, of course we need a caffeine boost once in a while, but the sudden energy spike you get will never beat the refreshing feeling of a good night’s sleep. besides, the more coffee you drink, the more resistant you become to caffeine. (only drink coffee if you really need the energy)

4. just because a tastes good, and b also tastes good, doesn’t mean ab will be as good
moral of the story: don’t use shreds of teriyaki chicken as filling for maki roll, and then serve it with mayo drizzled over it like chocolate sauce over ice cream. please. a + b only works for stuff like milkshakes or smoothies. (banana and milk… holy shit)

5. treat yourself!
it’s not worth it to lay off food completely just to lose a few grams. order that dish you’ve been craving, take that cheat day, eat what you want and enjoy life! on the other hand, if you’re really trying to cut back on what you’re eating, try only eating when you really feel hungry, or drink water. at the same time, don’t live with the feeling that you have to earn a treat. you shouldn’t have to compensate and work twice as hard or whatever, just because you’ve done something good for yourself.



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