what the last year taught me

  • if it’s meant to be, it will be
    • i’ve spent two whole years trying so hard to move on (during which i was stuck and kept coming back) but in the end it doesn’t matter because i’m back where i started. the point is: don’t even try to run. the red string of fate has no time for your mortal/ corporeal bullshit.
  • don’t date your friends
    • it’s a long story.
  • how to study better
    • stay hydrated. remove distractions. clean workspace. take a break. don’t overexert/ sleep if you have to. make a schedule. different people have different environments they work best in; find your own.
  • it’s okay to fail/ make detrimental mistakes (take it as a learning experience)
    • up until a solid year ago, it was so hard for me to accept that i just wasn’t good at chinese. i had always struggled with how incompetent i was, to the point i kept crying both in class and at home, and i vehemently despised how i was forced to learn it. right now, i’m (voluntarily) taking chinese as a first language, and actually enjoying it. it might be because the course itself is interesting, but on the other hand, maybe it’s because i’ve overcome this obstacle…?
    • my experiment for my EE was a complete disaster. at that time, it seemed to be the end of the word, but at this point, i’ve worked around it and i’m okay.
    • in-school failure is just a relative thing. take it from me – my whole class was failing math, but i guess it was just an indicator of how we were learning. failing a few tests doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed in the real world.
  • i’ve definitely grown up
    • honestly, i’m 17?! unbelievable.
    • i’ve started opening up more to my parents (specifically, my mom) because hey, we all know i’m growing up, they can’t whoop my ass for everything i do.
    • i understand that i don’t have to talk to my friends every minute of every single day. people need personal space, i’m starting to discover my needs for personal space, everyone has a life of their own, we just interact every now and then, some more than others. it’s okay not to talk to people for a few consecutive days, this doesn’t mean you’re not friends anymore.
    • i don’t have a need to talk to someone all day every day. this might have had happened because i was forced to adapt and adjust, but really, sharing every detail of your life with someone is mundane and so childish. growing up, we’ll all diverge into different paths, so you won’t be with a single person (save yourself) 24/7.
    • it’s okay to want to have some time alone.
    • i’m starting to realise how awful it is to keep complaining and bitching (two of my most common past-times) and how pointless it is. life happens, shit happens, just move on. there are better things to talk about like discussing what you’ve learnt in class, or just idle chit-chat about hobbies you have outside of school/IB.
  • despite all the bad things we say about IB, it really is a good learning experience
    • holistic education, teaching life lessons, ingraining life skills, putting theory into practice… the only downside is how all the assignments are pushed together, so it really is a lot to handle.
  • acceptance
    • time flies, people grow distant, relationships change, life goes on. and it’s okay.

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