too fast

Two months into the last year of secondary school; two months into the last year with this group of people.

The realisation that in a year, we’d all be in separate places, it’s bittersweet. At this point, it’s more sweet than bitter, but you get the idea. In a year, the current addresses I have of my friends will have changed (and hopefully, mine will have, too). In a year, we’ll be scattered all over the world, in different time zones. We’ll be studying different courses, making new friends, embarking on new adventures without each other.

At this point, I’m so tempted to say that nothing I have, know or feel now will matter in the future, but what’s the point of living if I think like that? Everything – schooldays, deadlines, time, life – is passing by so quickly and there’s nothing I can do but watch it and enjoy it while it lasts.


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