Tip of the day: you don’t need to wait for new year to come around before setting your resolutions!! Quoting Nike, JUST DO IT.

The only reason everyone waits for New Year’s is because of procrastination and the misconception that ushering in a new year will somehow magically transform you into a less lazy person who will be more motivated. NO!! Change starts as soon as you want to, change is good, change is the one constant we should have, change is what we need to live a good life.

If you really wanted to become a better person, just do it now. Like everything else on your to-do list, just start. Understandably, that is the hardest part of any task, but think of it this way: you’ve now hurdled over the highest obstacle and you can carry on easily!

Any day can be a day for change and bettering yourself. I’d suggest building up on smaller changes and increasing them over time; even drastic changes won’t procure results immediately. In fact, it might even demotivate you with how hard you’ve just thrown your life out of balance. But trust me when I say this: starting earlier only allows you to reap the benefits of what you sow earlier!

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to do anything, this is it! #StayMotivated2k16!! WE CAN DO THIS!


** I’ve been told countless times of how I can’t communicate my thoughts properly (mostly by myself) because it goes all over the place. I hope you actually understood me! **

*** context: this is to motivate me as well, heaven knows I need it with the huge workload I have :( (disclaimer: i’m only blogging to get myself into the mood to do work!) ***


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