first week shenanigans

The first official week of school is now over and done with, which calls for a celebration! So here is a compiled list of all the things I’ve done out of sheer exhaustion from going to school: 

  • poured out juice from a carton to a cup, then nearly screwed the cap into the cup of juice
  • mental sum-ed so hard that I went a step further from 2^2 to 4^2
  • wrote i as j
  • spelt ‘colour’ as ‘coller’
  • wrote ‘train reaction’ instead of ‘chain reaction’
  • went to retrieve my laptop charger from the living room, opened the fridge instead
  • 11+ 2(2) = 16
  • used body soap for hair instead of shampoo (to be fair there were a lot of bottles)
  • reached for the nearest bottle and tried to drink it out of habit (it was lotion) (this happens way too often)
  • have the door handle slip from my hand and walk into the door 

Trust me when I say the list will only expand as the year progresses… Looking forward to doing more stupid stuff in the future! 


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