august tales

aug, 2010 –
the last summer of calm before you take me by a storm, the last month of not having you in my life.

aug, 2011 –
euphoria is the flurry of texts tapped painstakingly from a keypad smaller than my pinkie, it’s the way our messages reach halfway across the world through touching twilights.

aug, 2012 –
little did i know the net of safety and happiness was woven together by whisper-thin threads and empty promises.

aug, 2013 –
a trickle of firsts for a pair of teenagers in love, slowly and steady like the small flicker of a flame that defined us.

aug, 2014–
an unbearable four months before I finally decide to put myself first, and it’s the start to a journey of “self discovery and good decisions”.

aug, 2015–
I’d like to say I took every chance I could, but for the first time, I was beginning to give up – moving on, but not exactly letting go.

aug, present day 
of all the numbers we had, I never thought six would be important –six marks, truly, the end of an era.

Kind-of-but-not-really sequel to november tales, alternatively titled ‘if the red string of fate doesn’t end here, I will end it’. Do I get an award for updating twice in a day? (*´・ω・)

I didn’t manage to break the red string of fate. I guess it’s true no matter how tangled or frayed it gets, it’ll still somehow link us back, huh?


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