It’s summer. And it just so happens that none of the friends I usually hang out with are in the same country as me. On one hand, great. On the other hand, great. Really, it’s great – kind of nice to think that despite the travelling and time zones, we’re still communicating and sharing bits of our lives with each other, and making the effort to stay connected. It’s touching to suddenly remember the one or two or six hour difference, and realise that distance doesn’t mean much when you’ve got instant messaging.

At the same time, it’s incredibly heartwarming to see on Snapchat or Instagram that people have met up – those we’ve been constantly keeping up with throughout the year(s), sending them letters and presents despite them having moved away, finally flying and able to reunite, just like old times. Time (zones) sure can’t dampen friendship.

Summer doesn’t really start until you meet up with friends, so… I can’t wait to see mine and catch up with them and see how much they’ve changed! ;) (talking to you, S, J & B)

Here’s to the best summer you’ll have so far! :)


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