november tales

nov, 2010 –
you and I became fast friends, and when I spent a day away from you, I realised I liked you… more than as a friend.

nov, 2011 –
you asked me out in return, as an act of chivalry, but not before I plucked up the courage to make the first move.

nov, 2012 –
you left a while ago because you “didn’t feel like it”, and so I drowned my sorrows in words, weaving my hurt into a poem instead.

nov, 2013 –
a crescendo of helplessness and frustration and vulnerability coated with pecks and specks of silver and gold.

nov, 2014 –
I spent my first november without you; no news of how you were doing, whether or not you were thinking of me, nothing of your existence, nothing nothing nothing.

nov, present day –
five years later and I realised we’re still running circles – a limbo between strangers and friends and crushes; a delicately deft dance across each others’ lives; truly living up to “it’s complicated”.


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