National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day!! (I’m glad I finally caught one of these special national days) I mini-celebrated by finishing up a small project on my other blog. The first letters of the past four poems spell out ‘bruh’.

So it occurred to me today would be a perfect time to share why I write, since it’s poetry… and writing… and stuff. I’ve been meaning to do it, anyway.

At first, when I was, like, ten, I started writing to record interesting dreams. I turned it into a fanfiction of me and my crush (although I didn’t know it was called that at that time) and it was about 10 Microsoft Word pages long. I did more shorter dream-captures, because it was exhausting to word-vomit so much, and I got distracted really easily. Two years later and it turned into writing 100 word stories about some illogical and imaginative things, such as things with a plot twist at the very end. (If you scroll really far back in my other blog, you can find some numbered ones)

At the same time, I was writing some poetry about my very colourful love life, which inspired me to pick out the sweet and good bits of life and condense it into a poem. I can’t even look back. All that is too cringe for me to even look at without flushing red in embarrassment.

Then my best friend showed me a post of small stones and I thought it would be a good way to keep writing consistently. So I did that for about six months before my laziness took over. I restarted it last summer, but after that, school took over my life and I basically stopped writing for a good year. Then I kick-started my poetry habits again with a huge project this summer, and I’ve been writing about once a week (on weekends) since then, until now. The consistent weekly poems are the only form of leisure writing I do now.

I tried to write a bit while doing my GCSEs, so it would be some updates on my not-so-personal life (some poems were for me to indulge in my private life and remained private). Being my not-so-personal life, I focused on the trivial things that I noticed each day, and because I notice the oddly small and funny things in life, my poetry became mostly me recording the little things in life. Once in a while, I find a more serious topic I relate to, so I write it and it turns all deep and very analyse-able.

So, yeah. That’s a quick break down of what and why I write. :) More updates soon over the weekend! (Hopefully)


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