Memory Lane

As much as I love having someone to share every aspect of my life with, there are still some things I’m more than happy to do alone – like a pleasant trip down memory lane. (More like I have no one else to share it with, but for some reason that doesn’t make me feel upset or like I’m missing out on something)

Here are some memories that fit mostly into a hot and sticky childhood summer of naps and playing in the park (+ one from not so far back but seems a lifetime ago) :

I was probably six when I fell in love with these tapes. (they work like correction tape, but instead of rolling out white strips, patterns (as shown on the case) come out) I used to love pretty patterns (and I still do) and they smelt so good. I recognised the concept of scarcity from a young age so I never used it much, so there’s still a bit left in there. In case you’re wondering, it smells like soap from a bath after sweating in the park and having hair stuck to my face.
From a time when I still loved you. I wrote a small note and rolled it up into a small glass jar, but when Valentine’s day rolled around, I realised I didn’t love you enough to give it to you. So I kept it instead, as a reminder of sorts.
Oh man. I’ve had this for about 10 years or so. It reflects light into a rainbow, so I loved playing with it on idle Saturday mornings, when sunshine still streamed into the house. For some reason, it brings back memories of an American Disneyland and floor-mopping.
Hong Kong 7-11 used to give these out, I guess. I’m not sure how it worked back then, since I was probably five. My cousins and aunts, seeing that I was a kid, used to collect these and give bags of these to me. I always rearranged them according to shape and colour and year and then all over again (because little kids can’t go out on their own so they’re trapped in a house of summer heat). I took a shine to this one because it had my birth year on it, and kept it close by whenever I took naps.
baby blue
A collection of baby blue items from when I was a baby. Y’know those soft cushion-y things that lined baby cribs? (I had that till I was 10. It lined the side of my bed which touched the wall, because the wall was cold in winter) The ribbon fell off from that. And that pile of blue beads is a necklace from one of my most memorable carnivals that I attended with my mom when I was younger. I don’t remember specifics, but I’m pretty sure I had fun. I loved trotting around the house with it hanging around my neck, but now it’s just a gentle reminder of my childhood days. :)

One thought on “Memory Lane

  1. This is such a lovely post and I very much enjoyed reading it, I recently started a blog (literally 2 days ago) and would be so grateful if you checked it out and told me what you thought of it! Xx

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