With the start of a new school year looming dangerously close (less than 24 hours to go!) I present to you one of my most memorable moments from last year:

Our school holds an annual camp, no matter which year you’re in. At the fourth year of secondary (Year 10/ Grade 11/ Form 4) we had already exhausted an outside company by attending its camp for about 4 years in a row. So this (or last) year, it was planned by ourselves, and held in our school. Some of our friends in the grade did the night activities, which included playing longball, some form of blind bandit or something, and my personal favourite: the Name-tag Elimination Game.

This isn’t the official name, so let me tell you how it works. Each player gets his or her name on a sheet of paper, which is then stuck to their back. The goal of the game is to rip off as many of these as possible. Once your tag is off, you’re out. We were allowed to run across a total of four different levels, but no hiding in classrooms or camping in toilets. Alliances were allowed, but not encouraged.

Being the hotheaded (bloodthirsty) kid I was (am), I jumped on the chance to go all out without having major consequences. I had so much fun running away and cornering people (I was having a showdown with this classmate of mine when he tripped over his flipflop. I let him off because it wasn’t right to take advantage of a disability) and feeling like I’m the only one left on a mission because all my friends are gone and I must avenge them. So it was great fun.

Except that at the end some of the boys were complaining (bitching) about how I went berserk and, I quote, “apeshit”. Which was completely unfair because I’m pretty sure if I were a guy they would have just patted me on the back with a ‘good job, dude’. They even started blaming me for random cuts and bruises they got, when I didn’t attack anyone physically. This boy came up to the main table where the first aid kit was and just fucking glared at me when I didn’t even do anything to him, much less say something to him then. But it’s ok. He’s always a jerk anyway.

So anyway, I was pretty pissed because it was fucking unfair. (I’m still salty over it) While in the toilet washing up for bedtime I started complaining about it to my friends, M and E. (They’re this inseparable pair and it’s so cute how they’re polar opposites but get along so well) M was comforting and motherly as usual. E, who’s always ripping on people (jokingly) as her own way of showing affection, who rarely says one conventionally kind thing, told me to forget about it and that they’re just being stupid.

It made me feel a lot better. Ok, maybe given my position then, it wasn’t that much better, but looking back, it was a great moment. Girls supporting girls, unified against a common problem. Everyone coming together and sticking by each other. I hope this year’s camp will feature everyone united, too. (Also so I won’t get that shit about going crazy while having fun. Like GOD FORBID I have any good fun in my life and GOD FORBID you dictate how I should take this fun.)


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