Living the great life

Life is always good. Even when it’s shitty, it’s still good. I am undeniably and wholeheartedly in love with life. No doubt. It may be just because I’m optimistic (I might be overly as well, but it’s just that I see no reason to be worried about anything. The things you can control, keep it in control. The things you can’t, there’s no use fretting over it.) but I always find something to be happy about.

For example, I had a great day today. I met up with two of my friends and unexpectedly bumped into a friend who lives nearby. We ended up having a long chat catching up and even made plans. I was thoroughly amused when we started exchanging information (In simpler words, gossiping, but not really, because these weren’t false rumours) because although we had completely different circles of friends, we ended up knowing the same stuff our schoolmates did over summer.

I love the little moments in life. (If you’re an avid follower of what I write, I think you’d have noticed already.) There’s more to it than the clichéd, unexpected moments with friends, or the kindness of a stranger that completely turns your day around. Simply put, it’s just finding the little things in life.

Sometimes I help people hold the door (It’s the furthest act of kindness I can do without talking. When words come out of my mouth, all hell breaks loose. I’m not good with spoken words. Very ironic.) and I feel great afterwards. I’m not sure why. Sometimes I go for a run and then write afterwards, so I feel super productive. Maybe it’s because I love being efficient and productive, but doing something concrete, and the whole feeling of ‘accomplishment’ really speaks to me. Or it might just be the endorphins released while running. *shrugs*

I guess it’s like looking for the best in something. I’m not sure if that’s something you’re born with, or something that grows in you as a result of your experiences in life. I’d just like to say I’m loving my life and every little moment and I’m sharing the joy! :)


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