holiday thoughts part vii

xviii. 24/07/15

oh man I’m exhausted. being on holiday really takes its toll on you. I’m not even being sarcastic – it’s so hard keeping up with your friends when you’re busy absorbing another culture, and it’s so tiring to relax everyday. (kind of ironic) waking up early and sleeping late to maximise your time, going sightseeing and having so much fun requires so much energy. I want to sleep for two days straight.

xix. 25/07/15

compared to Australia, I think New Zealand is very down to earth. it might be because there is more usable land in the former, while the latter is just mountains everywhere, but still. for some odd reason, I’m convinced the people in New Zealand are more nice and open. I miss that place.

xx. 26/07/15

we have rules for a reason. it’s to ensure fairness and there will be no extra pain or trouble whatsoever. I get that you ‘have to know the rules to break them’, but still, swapping one of the boxed desserts around is a bit too much. how will the person that ends up buying the swapped box feel?

xxi. 27/07/15

(i got lazy and wrote down a word but never got around to writing something about that topic)

xxii. 28/07/15

hearing the Australian national anthem struck a chord in me (musical reference not intended). hearing everyone sing, united as one, the chorus of voices repeating ‘I am, you are, we are Australia’ is very heartwarming. it’s lovely to see everyone so patriotic. coming from Hong Kong, I’ve never felt particularly Chinese, so the national anthem never mean that much to me.

I have been home since last Thursday and yes, I know I’m late. Will (probably) resume blogging something soon but in the meantime, if you’re into poetry, check out my other blog! All my effort and energy is put into there right now. :)


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