holiday thoughts part vi

xv. 21/07/15

I reckon one of the most valuable ability you could have is observation application – the ability to collect bits and pieces of information, apply knowledge obtained from there, somewhere else. learning things in school is useless unless you can apply them. how will you learn the unknown words from books you read? guess by context and other times you’ve seen it. which way is your car headed right now? judge from the position of the sun, which you can reference to from somewhere you’ve been before. piece of cake.
xvi. 22/07/15

as you grow older, you run out of ideas for what you want people to get you for your birthday. you don’t have any more special materialistic desires that are suitable for people to get, like a new cd or a game – you can get them yourself, anyway, on any other ordinary day. you start yearning for unobtainable, non-materialistic things, like friends that last forever, or happiness, or a stress-free life. these are all things you want more than anything, but even your most beloved family and friends won’t be able to give them to you.
xvii. 23/07/15

I love how everyone’s still connected despite the time difference and different flight schedules. there’s a sense of family between us all, shown by the dedication and effort we put into maintaining contact. it’s two am here and ten pm there; it’s eight pm here and eleven am there; we’ve got such incompatible time zones and damn we’re tired; but despite everything, we still manage to insert a short greeting or two. 

– * –

Update: I’m in Australia!


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