holiday thoughts part iv

x. 15/07/15 I know someone who’s claustrophobic, and a huge fan of space. the two aren’t really relevant, but hear me out. so she’s in love with star, yeah? I feel like her appreciation for the galaxy overwhelmed her being, squishing her appreciation for small spaces to zero. so she ends up loving infinite space and expanse, but absolutely loathes small spaces to the extent she’s scared of them. just a thought.
xi. 16/07/15

new zealand is so brown. I think that’s the one thing I’ll remember when I think back to new zealand. hong kong is a city of fairy lights on shadowed buildings, singapore is a blue city with simmering weather, and new zealand is brown mountains and brown grass. I love it, though. it feels so rural and natural and down to earth and I can just forget about everything and relax. 
xii. 17/07/15

I have a lot of pent up rage, which I suppose is from how I can never express my anger. the thing that pisses me off most is how you think, because you forgive and forget so quickly, our anger should follow the exact same fluctuation, so you get mad when our rage simmers on for longer. but my anger is different. I refuse to talk in case I snap and my face shows a closed door. I sit in silence and give the cold shoulder. my anger is stubborn and refuses to wane until something happens, someone gets me to talk, and I forget.


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