holiday thoughts part ii

iv. 10/07/15

looking at the silhouette of the mountains under the twilight sky, I can’t see anything at all. I really can’t. I wish I could make out every branch and leaf on the trees clearly, but my eyes have their limits. I can’t help but wonder what I’m missing out. I’m a little sad over some things I will never experience, some sights I will never see, some lives I will never live. what’s it like surrounded by stars and shadows?
v. 10/07/15

some things are better in memory than recorded physically. it’s just not possible to make it nice. you can’t put it down in words as a poem or a tweet, can’t record it into a video, can’t make it look nice in a photo. they don’t quite capture the moment perfectly. those candid, unplanned moments that you have to be there to get – laughing and singing over barbie world, finally bonding over lunch, guessing a riddle together – is all better as a memory. maybe that’s what some feelings are. someone should invent something that lets you store pure feelings and revisit them later.
vi. 11/07/15

most things, most thoughts, feelings, are only temporary. the snowboarding girls I was with the past three days – will I remember the three of your names in six months, two years, ten years? probably not. but it feels so important now. I feel like I have to remember, I have to record it. but in a few weeks, when I’m back home, it’ll just be a clutter of little notes that take up too much space. I always clear it out before it ferments to a nostalgic memory. I should stop being such a neat freak and actually let loose for a while


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