holiday thoughts part i

i. 07/07/15

it’s my first summer going without talking to you. both of you. it’s weird and very empty. I don’t have anyone to spam. I could to other people but I’m acutely conscious about them because I haven’t known them long enough to. I miss you both.
ii. 08/07/15

cultural differences are very noticeable here. today we were queuing for the luge ride when several teenage guys started throwing snowballs at people on the track. I knew if my dad was there, he’d mutter a word or two about how inconsiderate they were being (when really it was none of his business). the kid in front of me asked his mom why they were doing that, and she said it’s more fun. westerners are so much more slack than asians.
iii. 09/07/15

familiarity and comfort is a funny thing. it’s not logical. you shouldn’t miss your old life when you’re having so much fun. yet some things happen that remind you of another life you’ve had and bam. it hits. today it was someone constantly calling the name of something I knew, and the recognising the familiarly kind features in someone else. 

– * –

  Because I’m on holiday and I don’t have time to properly write something. Here are some daily snippets of my most interesting thoughts, brought to you in New Zealand.


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