Today I experienced the joy of receiving my first random compliment!

So I’m walking home normally, a little hurried because it’s so hot outside I just want to go home and chill. Just then, a guy walks by and waves at me. Instinctively, I wave back, even though I don’t recognise him right off the bat, because what if I know him but I don’t wave? It’d be pretty mean of me and a little offensive because it’d mean I’ve forgotten who he is. I guess he’s a little flustered, because it’s five in the afternoon, but the first words he say are, “Hey, good morning!”

At this point, I still haven’t figured out who he is. His voice doesn’t ring a bell, either.

Then he says the magical words: “You look nice today!” I’m bemused, confused and flattered, in that order. This is Hong Kong. No one talks to a stranger on a street. That’s… strange. But I was really happy afterwards, because those words had made my day. Plus, I had dressed nicer than usual (I usually have wear a T-shirt and shorts but today I wore a blouse. Total shocker. I’m guessing he’s probably from around this area, since everyone who knows me can tell that I made an effort today.) so I was glad someone had noticed. :)

It’s amazing how unexpectedly your day can be made!

(Excuse me for the hard to understand journal entry. I used up all of my writing energy last night and this morning while composing my valedictorian speech. :/)


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