Kindness Stems From…

Flowers. Because they have stems. ;D

Naw, but really. Today was a great day. I went to school to help organise the pillow fight event, despite originally being quite reluctant because MY FRIEND BAILED ON ME. (I understand. It’s okay. I forgive you.) It turned out a lot better than I expected. But even at its worst, a pillow fight is still pretty good. I witnessed my friends bringing in pillows (and looking so cute with it), I got to play music for 30 minutes (and got away with blasting Kpop and Jpop), and basically helped out with moving the arena around and organising people! By the end of it, I was sweating, even though all I did was move mattresses and change the music.

Then I decided to be productive and start studying for the Add Math IGCSE. I ended up in the public library (It’s not like I could have gotten anything done in the school library. There’s no pressure of strangers judging your every move.) for three hours and drank a lot of water (which really helps with preventing cavities!!) and was overall, really productive!

I called it a day at around 5 in the afternoon, and headed home in the godawful heat. The area around the public library has always been fun to explore, mostly because I used to go there for grocery shopping when I was a wee little kid, so I get pretty nostalgic walking there. I ended up buying flowers, because I made my mom a makeshift vase for her birthday, and it’s been empty for about two months. The florist told me to pick any flower I wanted, and since I have zero experience with flower names and meanings, I went with whichever looked nicest. White was pure and… well, white, so I picked a bunch which appealed to me. Some was in bloom, and some were still buds – quite diverse. The florist said they’d be blooming for a long time. I’m not sure if she was referring to the bunch I picked, or just that species in general.

Walking with the bunch of flowers in my hand, I already feel a lot nicer. Gotta be gentle with these fragile flowers, you feel? Then I pass by a shop selling hairties. I’ve been meaning to get some, but it didn’t occur to me I was in the exact area where I usually get my hairties. Some fumbling later, I leave with two makeshift rings and a bunch of flowers. Great.

Then I happen to pass by McDonald’s, and I think to myself, “My sister likes the apple pie there. I should probably get it for her.” At this point, I feel a little giddy and I’m trying to hide a small smile, because I’m never this nice to my sister. I don’t get along with her very well because dear lord she asks a lot of dumb questions and she says so many unnecessary words. Anyway, after that, I went home with a lot of things reminding me this is a good day and be nice.

I figure since I was productive today, I can relax and let loose a little. So I kinda idle and hold the lift for an elderly man who’s using a walking aid, and I ask him for his floor number, but he asks me if I’m returning home from school. It took me two tries to make out what he said, because I didn’t expect small talk. (This is why I’m not really good with people. I’m not sure how to deal with kindness and extra words.) Then, since I held the lift for him, why not just open the doors for another few people? So two English-speaking girls and a Filipino helper come in as well. At that time, it was instinct to hold the door, but now that I think about it, I think it’s because I didn’t want the old man to think I closed the door in their faces. So anyway, he never answered which floor he was on, so when he asked to press it, in Cantonese, the girls didn’t understand, and he ended up missing his floor. Ah well. I tried to translate quickly, but since he lived on a relatively lower floor, he missed the floor completely. I was debating whether or not to say goodbye to him when I stepped out, and well, I did. (Note that I took the minibus home and I was already feeling good, so I wanted to say thanks to the driver but the words got stuck and he never heard a word from me. Dang.)

That about sums up my day! So there you have it, kids. Kindness stems not from flowers, but from yourself. :)


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