Dry up and die out

A low, guttural rumble sounds around me and- holy shit it’s getting louder is the furniture collapsing what is going on.

Okay, so I’m not usually afraid of thunder, especially when there’s lightning to warn me most of the time. But- oh god I’d better run- it’s scary as hell when you’re in the toilet, trapped within four walls without a window, leaving you with no sense of what’s going on. I quickly turn off the tap, dry my hands and hurry back to my room.

Sitting with my legs outstretched on the ledge next to the window, I stare blankly into the night, the serenity of the night filling me. The cold glass is spotted with raindrops. A bright flash of white illuminates the dark roads, followed by another loud rumble- oh dear.

This is just like that time I was lying in bed at four in the morning, woken up by the loud thunder. Despite the drawn curtains, my room was lit clearly, every corner and crack visible. My fists were clenched tight; a desperate attempt to keep calm. The sharp crackle of thunder sliced through the room. I blinked slowly, imaging what the loud clap had destroyed, while nothingness crept into my ears. The silence that filled the room afterwards was too eerie, too big, too dense. The usual pitter-patter of rain was absent.

A small flash brings me back to the currently drying window. My eyes trace the gradient of polkadot raindrops while waiting for the encore of thunder. After I while, I tilt my head and sigh softly in slight disappointment. The thick rain, bright lightning and strong thunder were all gone. I swing my legs back to the ground and tear my eyes from the window, focusing instead on the work I had to complete.

Summer’s here (I just realised I completely missed Spring. I have no indications of when it started and when it ended.) so there’s the obligatory post on summer rain. I can’t express my love for rain, due to my rapidly deproving ability to express myself.

I’m more than halfway done with my IGCSEs, and I took a long weekend off (So much relaxation. I basically watched two and a half seasons of Orphan Black, some anime and worked out some logistics of stuff.) so I’ll start working tomorrow (technically, today). I guess I’ll be writing more now! :)


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