Not Bad

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m sitting for my IGCSEs this May/ June, so right now, our whole grade is on a study leave to prepare ourselves. (More like balance out slack and stress like yin and yang. Haha.) As per my usual lazy self, I have done nothing except climb the ranks of Tetris and do like one or two papers in the three weeks since we left school.

To motivate myself, I went to school today! I wasn’t very productive, but I managed to do some math questions and a chemistry practical (and learn more about theory and subject choices for IB) :|

While we were waiting for the bus back home, I noticed my friend was crossing her arms. Well, it’s an everyday thing, but I was considering which arm was on top, because during our biology lesson, we learnt that which dominant arm was part of our genes, too. This is kinda like when you clasp your hands together, and one thumb is on the top. (My left thumb is on top.)

After we starting crossing our arms differently just to see if we could mimic each other’s crossing style, (my right hand is deep in the crook of my elbow, while my left hand holds on to my right bicep) she got really disoriented because she could no longer find her natural way of crossing. So I took her arms and put it around my waist BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THEY BELONG. HAHAHA. I love hugs.

Meanwhile, the lane next to ours was boarding the bus, and one of the guys seated at the back of the bus was looking at us and nodding his head in approval, with a ‘not bad’ face. Haha. Once the bus pulled away, we started laughing at us and how we were such an embarrassment in public but at the same time still managed to revel in that embarrassment and enjoy ourselves.

These kind of moments  – the awkward, embarrassing, funny, friendly moments – are the best, and probably the ones that you will recall from time to time in the next thirty years. :)


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