More Anecdotes

Because I’m too lazy to blog about a proper topic, here’s a filler post! I have great news (for me) – I have been bestowed with the honour of being valedictorian for my graduation, doing a speech on behalf of the grade. Despite this, I’m still not exactly good with people. Here are some amazing examples.

So sometimes I see people I recognise (but I’m not close to) on the streets, I immediately go ‘no’ and avoid them. I saw one of my classmates in the train station after school, and I ducked my head to ignore his presence, but not before I accidentally made eye contact with him. Ehhh.

Most of the time, though, when I see someone I recognise, I try my best to embarrass them. The other day, I was with my friend when I spotted one of my old classmates that I hadn’t seen in a long time (Six years, maybe? He looked the same.) so I decided I’d take the risk and yell out his name, just to see if it was really him. He stopped and looked around, before coming over to this waving girl. We talked for a while. I found out he had forgotten my name. (To be fair, in those six years, I grew out my bangs and lost the glasses, so I was quite different.)

And here’s the grand one to top it all off: I was out alone once, which meant a more noticeable air of awkwardness around me. You know how you somehow connect and coordinate with strangers so as to not walk into them? So this woman and I were about nine meters apart, going towards each other. Basically we were being very well-prepared and polite (maybe overly so) that we had already started going out of each other’s way. Obviously our minds were too alike (or opposite) that we began sidestepping in the same direction. Ah. It looked like a long-distance waltz. To be honest, it was more funny than awkward – I was stifling a laugh when I finally walked past her.


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