Self Assessment

I focus too much on feelings.

Like I’ve said to some people before, when finding inspiration to write, I usually veer towards the tiny bits of life that no author would write about because it doesn’t help develop their plot.

I like writing about unusual events. I pointed out in the previous post that I saw two people signing each other, and tried to describe how it made me feel, and describe it more than at eye-level. I tried to get into how they were feeling, and not just seeing it as a bystander. But explaining is pretty hard.

Different people have different feelings, so what may be natural for you is unfathomable for another person. Then this boils down to why do you do a certain action or why do you like a certain thing. Why do you like maths? It’s easy for me. Why did you make a face at them? It was instinctive. I guess I got used to doing it every time I see them together. Why do you like night more than day? I’m not sure.

I mean, I could give a more logical reason than explaining a gut feeling, because everyone’s instincts are different, but everyone (should have) pretty much the same logic. Why do you like maths? There’s a definite right and wrong answer. Why did you make a face at them? Well that guy there was a huge jerk to me. Why do you like night more than day? Well… It’s more quiet? (This is a logical take at it. Why something might be more advantageous than another.)

Yep. Now that I’ve shared yet another small slice of me, leaving that and moving on. Back to what I was originally talking about.

When writing stories, it’s important to include only the necessary bits– stuff that propel your plot forward. Nobody’s got time for intricately irrelevant things going on at the side. (To be honest, that’s how life is. There’s a lot of things going on at once. Although, in a way it’s kind of like a story as well. You, as the main character, notice only some things, which leads to further development in you. I guess, going back to this, people really do notice different things and have different stories.)

So I like to write about that kind of stuff. Before writing this post and evaluating myself, I’d refer to ‘that kind of stuff’ as ‘things people don’t usually notice in life’, but now I guess maybe some people do. It’s more accurate to describe it as ‘things I notice in life that make me happy’. I hope that makes sense.

With that said, I think it concludes my dreams of being an official author. I’ll settle for blogging and writing shorts about things I find interesting and posting it on my own website. I think you can be expecting a lot of shorts on less renown feelings and the like from me. ;)


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