2015: Let’s Set Some Things Straight

Like that painting on the wall. Yes, it’s crooked. You should probably fix it.
Jokes aside, happy new year!
(Ain’t it great to see I’m as zippy as ever? :’) What a relief!)
So here we go:
1. It’s not that uncommon to have someone writing as something other than their own name. Generally, identities should probably be kept cautiously private online. Personally, I was super shy about owning up to writing a piece, and in general, that I did the whole notion of ‘writing’. As the two years (of blogging) passed by, I started to care less. And maybe think, as well. How will people know if I’m using my real name? So what if people can see my face? What will they even do with that knowledge? It’s not like they’ll hire a hit man and kill me, yeah? Where does someone get that kind of money and resource?? So here’s the deal: throughout the span of two years, I went pretty ‘meh’ with “Lizette Poppins”, made an anagram and ended up with “Cleo Withers”, which comes from “Chloe writes”, because my name is Chloe. (May I just have this next sentence to express my unwavering disgust over how common of a name it is and how desperately I want to change it but I have no idea what to)

2. Here are all the things I’ve been really dodgy about but have come to terms with:
– I am straight (in reference to setting things straight; I am already straight. In case that sounds offensive or anything, I have nothing against homosexuals because their sexual preferences should not concern me.)
– I’ve dated the same guy twice (yeah, I know how this sounds) in the past three years (shut up, I know) and wrote a lot about the whole experience partly because I was in love and partly because it makes a good writing subject.
– I live in Hong Kong. (Here’s my photography (Hahahah it’s just unprofessional photo taking, that’s all. I don’t even have a camera.) blog!)
– I am very anime and Japanese oriented, so it takes all of my raw energy to keep my Japanese from leaking out and leaving its prints on my writing.
– I am currently 15 going onto 16 this year, but will not disclose my birthday because what’s the point if no one wishes me on the day?
– Oh, goodness. I don’t think I’ve had to say it but I’m a girl. Yeah. Just in case.
– Nope, I think that’s everything.

3. I don’t make resolutions because I don’t stick to them. :'( But I just read through another blog and wow college life, yet so many blog posts squeezed in weekly. Here I am, taking the course to prepare for my first public exam (IGCSEs) and I have approximately one post per month. I should write more. Maybe cut down on Tumblr and 9gag scrolling time in exchange for some serious braincell-killing writing time.

And we’ve come to the end of this post! With all this additional information about me, there’s only one thing I beg of you- don’t stalk me online or in real life. The info is only so you can associate more things with my name (and maybe my face if one day I do change my display picture).
Thanks again for reading, and happy new year! :D


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