14 minutes

In honour of the year we’ll be leaving (quite soon), here’s a 14 minute ramble.
January- there was so much studying and pencil erasing and tears and test scores. A repeat will be coming up in a mere five months.
February- ah. The month of love and mushy things. Nothing special.
March- I don’t know. Anniversary rolled around? Nothing much.
April- Ooooh. Singapore. Blistering hot with spicy food. So good. 10/10 recommend.
May- studying.
June- exams and the start of summer holidays! :’)
July- dry spell (kind of) and golden sands and white snow! First time stuck in a mini snowstorm. Good times.
August- bravest decision I’ve ever made. Start of a journey to something better in life.
September- SCHOOL STRESS. Spiralling down insanity and a long road of panic and tests.
October- one week break. Procrastination brewing like a fine wine.
November- 24 Hour Race! Most taxing exercise I’ve ever encountered. Still grateful I was given the chance at participation.
December- absence of money but abundance of love. Thank you for the paints, the food, and the other tiny trinkets that mean so much! If love had a material form, this would be it.
Seven minutes down, seven to go.
Here’s to another year, I guess. No sugar coating anything, just being blunt as a kid. It won’t be anything special. Just another year in our lives.
Work and study and television episodes and poetry and drawing and procrastination. Of course, making plans for a better life that I will not adhere to because I’m a lazy piece of shit that follows her heart and does the unexpected.
Still have time to kill.
I made new friends this year. And done a little philosophy on breaking up and human relations. I’ve discovered new loves (caramels and descriptive writing) I’m happy, most of the time.
I’d say thank you, but I’m not thankful per se. Just grateful, that I’ve had a really mediocre year, filled with semi spectacular experiences.
See you in the new year, I guess.


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