The Meaning of Life

My dad answered this pretty simply. It’s to reproduce and raise the next generation of your species.
He has a point. If you think about it, that’s pretty much all animals do. They do the frickle frackle, give birth, and either bring them babies up, or abandon them and let them take on the world themselves.
Obviously, handling the responsibility of educating the younger generation isn’t enough for us humans, so we seek something more thrilling.
You don’t see animals dissatisfied with life. They hunt and are preyed on and that’s all for them. You’ve never heard of a lion taking on the job of a reporter or an ant achieving his lifelong dream of being a weightlifter. They seem pretty satisfied. But for some reason, we humans aren’t.
I may have confused my goal in life with the meaning of life, as in the meaning of life is to achieve your dream.
I’ve thought about it from a religious point of view. If I remember correctly, God created us on the sixth (is that right?) day so we could appreciate His work of nature and trees and animals and so on.
So maybe we were given life to appreciate the small beautiful things, like the soft, calming melody in music, the scent of old books, and the coolness of water slipping down your parched throat.
I personally look forward to colourful sunsets, excitement and anecdotes of daily life and the satisfaction of getting important things done each day.
What do you think is the meaning of life? :)


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