10th September 2014

Proud moment of the day:

I was walking to the bus stop with my friends this afternoon, when we passed by this tiny lil red car. It kind of reminded me of a beetle or ladybug, cause it was red. So anyway, one of my friends says its cute, and out of impulse (“spur of the moment*”, if I should quote from my friend from a year ago) I ask whether or not I should tell the driver that. Of course, I wasn’t asking for permission, nor was I waiting for my friend’s answer to decide.

I had already set my mind on doing it.

And hell yeah, I did it.

I tapped the glass, and the driver, who’s sitting there scrolling on his phone, opens the car door. I go, “You have a cute car.” and he replies, a lil flattered, if I do say so myself, “Oh thank you!”

I stepped out of my comfort zone (not really, I just find it fun to be impulsive) and my voice did not waver one bit. I know by complimenting his car, I made my day. I hope I made that his day, too.

Not-so-proud moment of the day:

I might come off as a lil confident or not easily embarrassed from the anecdote above, but oh hell no that’s not what happened this morning. This morning I had to give a speech in front of my peers, and I was anything but confident. (My confidence seems to stem from being around a group of people I’m comfortable with.) I was stuttering through my speech, all high-pitched and blurbing through my words. It happens when I’m all alone standing onstage. Well. Should probably work on that.


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