Daily Confidence Boost

I am cute. I am totally cute. With my teal hairclips, short hair and bubbly personality and childish behavior, I am definitely cute. And maybe so confident in my cuteness that it’s borderline cocky. That’s okay, though. (For me, at least)

At least I’d be able to pick out all my good qualities (or what I think are my good qualities) and SHOW THEM OFF TO THE WORLD. I’m kidding. One of the other main mottos I live my life by is balance. Be a healthy mixture of introvert and extrovert, have a blended pool of anger and calm, split even between your work and play, time spent with your dogs and your people (yeah, I’d rather spend more time with dogs as well, but human interaction is important too!)… you get the idea.

It’s mighty contradicting if I state here that it’s okay to be yourself, because I just said be a healthy mixture of blah blah blah, but this is just how I would view life, and one of my goals as a ever-growing and changing person. It’s alright to be shy, and it’s alright to be confident, as long as you refrain from hurting others with your actions(story for another day!)

This got off topic real fast. Let’s get back on track. I think I’m cute. I also think I’m funny (although many of my friends beg to differ) and ambitious and smart and athletic (this is a lie. I just like running and punching.) and perfect in my own way! As in, I wouldn’t choose to be any person other than me! :)

Anyways, if you don’t think you’re cute (or any other adjective you feel suits you well), who the heck will?


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