Quick Update: Tears

Yesterday’s weather report:

So many tears.

Today’s weather report:

Too many tears.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast:

Ice tears.

School has started and it’s been bundles and sheets and piles of stress for me. Deadlines and teachers who talk too fast and all that talk about applying to schools. There’s only one that I’m applying to (fingers crossed that I’ll get in!) and if I don’t, I’m staying in my current school.

It’s been so stressful to the point where I want to cry when I don’t understand because if I don’t understand it now, how will I do in the final exam? (It never really occurred to me that I will learn over time and understand all this. Which is great. But not for the current me. Current me is panicking.)

However, I still have ample time (though not really) to do the Ice Bucket challenge tomorrow! Hence the ice tears. Tears of joy. Or pain. Or cold. I don’t really know yet.

Anyway, I peeked over at my best friend’s computer and found her using writerkata and it’s been pretty fun for me (it’s been a day, though.) so you guys should have a stab (it’s my favourite colloquialism) at it too! (I feel a little bad that I’m stealing her discovery, but here’s credit to her!

I shall be off to do more work. Or sleep. Whichever seems more productive. Probably sleep. Yeah, I’m gonna go with sleep.


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