21st August 2014

Proud moment of the day:

Telecom marketers rang at about ten o’clock, while everyone was already in bed and fast asleep. I could have made snarky comments (the poor girl made it so easy to):

“Is this the residential flat with the number xxxx-xxxx?”
“Well, what did you type on the phone?”

“Do you have time to do our survey?”
“It’s ten p.m. on a Thursday night and it took so many rings for me to pick up. Do you think I have the time?”

  Alas, I bit my tongue, because I was raised to be polite, and one of the few rules I live by is Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle – Plato and for she’s just doing her job, for God’s sake. She’s probably working her ass off to make ends meet, and she really doesn’t need any more bitter people with harsh voices yelling at her about how to do her job.

  I’m glad the level-headed side of me won this round. I can hardly imagine the guilt I’d feel if I snapped at the girl.


Not-so-proud moment of the day:

  Whilst I was typing the title, I accidentally typed in a ‘2013’ before realising and changing it to ‘2014’. Imagine how hard this will be in a few months’ time, when it’s finally 2015!


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