Friends are like paragraphs. I guess. You skim through the words because that’s how much you’re bothered know them- just enough to grasp the main point, the most outstanding qualities that make them them. A whole paragraph of inked letters and all you can see is: Meat. Basketball. Anime. or Gundam. Ducks. Gaming.

Best friends are more or less the same. There are more words, more for you to know, but you’d gladly remember it all. Anything for a person you’d entrust your life to. But it starts to get a little blurry. You know them well enough, but you no longer hold the ability to describe them in words anymore. (I think it’s because you start to lose sight of which is the most important aspect that you should tell people about. More on that later.) Also, a little off-topic, but I thought I’d add this in just to let my best friend know- you personally scorn all their potential suitors because you feel that none of them will ever be good enough for them.

Above best friends, there are those people. Not necessarily more important, but… They’re the ones that mean so much to you, the ones you want to know so much and understand better, that you end up reading their paragraphs over and over, and you keep thinking about them to try to grasp their uniqueness.

Have you ever seen a video about sheets of colourful paper stuck to a bicycle wheel? When the wheel turns fast enough, what originally is a rainbow ends up a huge blur, and seems to merge to form white. That’s kind of how it is for those people.

You read their paragraphs and start to lose sight of the main point. Everything is so important, so you have to remember it all. In the process, you don’t pick up which are the most outstanding ones, the boldest points of their personality. Every little quality holds the same amount of importance. Strawberry cheesecake. Whales. Football. Pokemon. Camera shy. Youtube. and so on.

In the end, you lose the ability to see and evaluate if they’re really worth keeping in your life anymore.


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