Have you ever had something forcefully ruined for you, but you’ve never even noticed it? Like maybe you’ve had bad experiences with beer, so now even the fresh, crisp crack of a can opening is disgustingly unappealing to you.

  I take pleasure in the most unusually simple things. I woke up at 6 this morning (because it was 8 in Australia and I hadn’t fully switched back to Hong Kong time yet) and went out for a jog. The wisps of wind were brushing against my cheek and even though I had to hold my nose to cover up the dripping of snot, I felt pretty good.

  When I came back home this morning, I found a slim pink thermos which I thought was quite cute, so I started using it! Just now, I made myself green tea (from powder) and added so much ice into it that it started clanking, like a knight’s suit of armour, only a lot more high pitched.

  My dad is a really difficult and temperamental man. Sometimes he throws things and that scares me. He’s also pretty unreasonable sometimes, and always thinks he’s right. He also has a thermos in his hand a lot of the time, to hold juice or beer or water or whatever that he’s trying to keep cold or hot. Basically every time I heard the clanging of ice, I was walking on ice. I had to be careful and all that. So I had that ruined for me.

  It’s sad, really. It’s unavoidable, like how you’re born into a family. You didn’t get to choose who to live with. Or where you live. Lived next to the sea your whole life? Probably sick of some aspect- be it the salty smell, the crashing of waves, the iNFINITE BODY OF IT (that pisses me off sometimes) OR THE RECLAIMING OF LAND (this also pisses me off sometimes). Yeah.

  At least sunsets, wind chimes and colours haven’t been ruined for me, eh? ;)


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