If I Were a Phone

I’d probably take a really long time to charge. I’d be at 99% for a hella long time, almost never reaching 100%.

While you’re using one application, I’d randomly switch you over to something else. I have a short attention span. And I try to divert attention. It’s a fun game I like to play. So you’re on Facebook? Nah, not anymore, man. Have some Quizup.

Speaking of which, I’d also switch you over to the camera app every now and then so you’d be able to take some time to enjoy life. Writing an important email at the beach while your family is splashing in front of a picturesque sunset simply begging to be captured? Family first, dude. Take some pictures to remember this moment.

But even though I’ll be really annoying and troublesome, I’d be loyal. Although my batteries are low at 10%, I’d do my best to hold on and fight through the tiredness, to stay awake and stuff! You signed up for a good time, so a good time you shall get!

(I tried my best to make it not sound like a person was using me like a prostitute. Yeah.)

I also took some time to take pictures of what’s happening outside my window. Here’s the best one! :)

26th June 2014


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