Tiny Things

lady with a ring on her finger —
– is she married?
– is she engaged?
– is she wearing it as an accessory?
– or does it mean nothing?
– it’s intricately designed- what for?
you’ll never know
– it’s pretty on her finger
– it’s shiny and reflecting
– she’s practically glowing wow she must be really happy

man with earrings and guyliner —
– is he a rock star?
– is he gay?
– did he just think it looked cool?
– how long did he spend putting on makeup?
– how does he even do that??
you’ll never know
– his eyelashes are hella long
– he looks pretty cool
– damn son eyeliner game strong I want him to be my senpai

kid with backpack —
– is he going to school?
– is that even comfortable?
– is it heavy?
– how long has he had that bag?
– has it faded in colour or was it originally like that?
you’ll never know
– it’s way too big for him, drooping over his butt
– patches of fabric everywhere
– he looks content


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