Vacations are great. You get to visit new places, revisit old places, relax, see sights, eat amazing food, visit your family. Most of all, you make unforgettable memories.
Like that time you were eating and you choked on an onion or something.
Or that time you were up so high you could see stretches beyond.
I like travelling, and I like remembering the feelings of joy and excitement while adventuring to new destinations.
The vacation feeling is great –
The sound of foreign, utter gibberish around you. The weird taste their water leaves in your mouth. The different sizes of streets, and the heights of the street lamps!
The local dishes and delicacies, different from back at home. The kindness of locals and strangers who might not speak the same language, but will try their best to help you anyway.
The different transport systems! The adventures you could have in that place!! Most of all, the picturesque views and the special tourist places unique to that city!
All I’m trying to say is, there’s so much of the world that we all (probably) haven’t seen.
So the next time you’re bored or you feel sick of life, just remember that there’s so much of the world you haven’t seen, which you could visit with your family or closest friends, and try your best to cheer up. :)


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