Future Goggles – Summer Edition

It’s that time of the year again!



It’s humid and wet and the weather in Hong Kong is ridiculous, with all the sudden weather changes. It was dry and freezing last week, slightly raining over the weekend, and now it’s foggy and humid, but not rainy. What.

Anyway, while I was walking home today, there were soft patches of sunlight and slight heat and wind. I couldn’t even sense the humidity of the air, and so all that reminded me of a cool summer evening.

So that got me thinking, dang, I love summer. By that I just mean summer moments. Summer, I still hate you. Winter, I adore you. But I was thinking of how I could wear surf shorts and still feel really warm, how I could walk barefoot around house and the tiles would feel cool, and not cold, against my soles, and how my dad would sit in front- not on- the couch and start cutting a mango for my sister and I. Dang, summer memories.

But I hate summer. I just really like the idea of summer moments. I guess that’s how it always is for me. I start thinking about the better things in future because the more realistic ones get my head spinning. (And, as usual, I never end up doing those aforementioned better things) This is probably my equivalent of beer goggles. Beer goggles, right? Too much beer and every human that comes up to you looks like an angel. Too much expectations of the future and I never really do any of those things. Happens a lot.

I want to travel around America (for the sake of it, sightseeing and stuff. doesn’t exactly sound safe or reasonable) when I’m 27 but I’m pretty sure at that age, I’ll just be working a boring job living a mundane life. Hopefully I’ll be stable financially and relationship-wise.


I think I’m going to love summer.

Short walks alone in the evening, in the dry, brisk weather, under the pink, orangey sky. Sometimes soft and pastel, other times vibrant and fiery. No more fog and humidity. Sudden downpours of cooling rain, unexpected thunderstorms with rain pattering loud enough to overwrite your darkest thoughts. Enjoying the splash of water as the droplets hit your window. (Yes I love rain) Going out with friends. Moments alone.

Summer’s going to be awesome. Spring… hurry up and get yourself over with.


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