I’m so confused about Guam because what is this place? The people look Thai and Filipino and Malaysian, but the currency and food is American, and there’s Japanese everywhere, and the scenery looks like Australia or South Africa…
I’m really confused on where the hell am I.
In other news, I’ve been visiting a lot of beaches.20140203-194211.jpg20140203-194147.jpg20140203-194310.jpg20140203-194330.jpg




One thought on “Guam

  1. As you’ve described, the people on Guam are of many nationalities and from many different cultures. That’s one of the reasons why I will always love Guam because of its diversity and how everyone can get along so well. When I used to live in S. Carolina, goodness, I think I saw only ONE Asian person a month. That was the first time I had ever felt like an “immigrant”. Even Wisconsin had more diverse nationalities than that state did. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the different local foods there! Chicken kelaguen and pancit are two of my favorites.

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