love letters – culture

i. variance there’s something really wonderful about how rich, diverse and seemingly infinite different cultures are, beneath the shared melting pot of english as a second language, concrete jungles and the universal casualwear uniform of jeans and sneakers. how a difference in climate and geography and ecology gives rise to a different clothing and infrastructure … More love letters – culture

slim shady

GUESS WHO’S BACK (back (back))!! Coming home this time (third time; I’ve been keeping track) was pretty meh when compared to the first two times, but nonetheless it was still exciting! As usual, I feel super privileged rolling my luggage out of hall and hearing the glug-glug sound it makes with the bricks – just … More slim shady

food for thought

It’s week five of uni and it’s not that I’m swamped with homework or anything, it’s just that I’ve piled up my commitments just right so that I crash at 12AM every day and wake up all good and rested at 8AM, and I happened to have not included time to blog anymore HAHA. I’m … More food for thought

Y1S1 summary!!

I’ve been meaning to do a summary of all my modules over Christmas break, but I haven’t found time until now (that I’m back in Singapore waiting for the next semester to start). Without further ado, I present a summary of what I’ve been up to for the past four months : FE1008 – Computing … More Y1S1 summary!!